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Quality Made in Germany

  • VACONO is a privately owned German company
  • VACONO engineers everything in Germany

Experience Counts

  • 35 years experience in vapor control
  • 100 countries served
  • 100 years experience in Aluminium
  • 5.000 references worldwide
  • 500.000 m³ of saved product per year

Our Key Success Factors, as seen by our customers:

  • Market Leadership in our specific market niche
  • Concentration on technologically challenging and high quality products
  • Metallurgical know-how in combination with high precision and complex engineering
  • Early integration in customers' value chain
  • Development partner and system solution provider
  • Specialized, highly efficient machinery
  • Extremely flexible fabrication capacity
  • Long-term investment in and education of skilled workforce
  • Active raw material price management
  • Professional liquidity management and long term financing partners